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Ant Anstead is a 40-year-old English television presenter from Hertfordshire (southern England). The 6ft 2in (1.88 m) tall was born on 28 March 1979.

Early Life: The English born artist experienced his childhood in Hertfordshire and was schooled at Richard Hale School, Hertford. The original birthplace of Anstead is Plymouth, Devon but until his age of ten, he lived in Ely, Cambridgeshire.

Early Career: Anstead turned into a Police Constable after joining Hertfordshire Constabulary (territorial police force) in 1999, he was initially stationed at Bishop’s Stortford and later transferred to Cheshunt police headquarters.

He later became an individual from the Tactical Firearms Team (TFU) in Welwyn Garden City and was awarded for his acts of bravery.

In 2005, he went to seek after becoming a car developer, he began fabricating and reestablishing cars for customers after ended his career as a policeman.

He likewise developed more interest for art and sculpture, a large number of his works are housed all-inclusive in galleries and private assortments.

Having various passions in life, he also turned into a semi-professional footballer, Anstead played as a goalkeeper and later transitioned as a striker, he notably becoming the only player to win Ryman (regional men football league) in both positions.

Television Career: In 2014, Anstead created his own unique show on television which showcased the “The World’s Most Expensive Cars“, later he was drawn to host a new Channel 4 car show as well.

In 2015, Anstead has facilitated for a number of TV programs, which includes hosting for BBC Two’s live show ‘Building Cars Live‘ which showcases busiest car factories of the word.

Anstead also performs inspirational talks appearing for various talk shows including UK’s car shows as well as schools and foundations. His latest show Ant Anstead Master Mechanic displays a variety of cars and automotive characters in the field.

On one of his shows, he uses components from used cars to build and assemble an Alfa Romeo 158.

Later, Anstead was seen as a co-host for the British TV series Wheeler Dealers, he replaced Edd China in series 14. In this series, the hosts are on a mission to save repairable cars, improve them and sell it to a new owner.

Personal Life: Anstead is the father of Amelie (daughter), and Archie (son) from his first wife Louise, and at the end of 2017, he was romantically involved with the American TV personality Christina El Moussa.

The couple now has a son “Hudson” together as after getting married on 22 December 2018 at Newport Beach, California home.

Anstead is also a philanthropist in some way, he supports the Harrisons fund who helps kids with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Real Name:Anthony Richard Anstead
Date of Birth:28 March 1979
Age, How Old:40 Years Old
Place of Birth:Plymouth, United Kingdom
How Tall, Height:6ft 2in (1.88 m)
Zodiac Sign:Aries
Profession(s):Television Presenter
Partner:Christina Anstead (m. 2018),
Louise Anstead (m. 2005–2017)
Years Active:Present Since — 2014


8th Nov 2019: Ant Anstead and his better half Christina shared attractive story of how they meet before their marriege and celebrates two year anniversary of their first meeting. The two took Instagram to share their experiences and pictures of them togethe.

What Ant Anstead shared — “I called you Two years ago today! And straight away I knew I knew you!” “Since then we have done so much! It’s crazy!! Two years ago I was lost! I was half! And You made me whole! You completed me! You get me!”

What Christina shared — “2 years ago today this guy called me for the first time. I had just left @wecarespaca (where I had checked myself in for 3 days of fasting my mind body and spirit) while there I had really focused on making positive changes in my life. It was such an incredible stay. I literally felt high on life”.

Christina Anstead Reveals the Surprising Way She Met Husband Ant Anstead

Ant Anstead Net Worth

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Today, Ant Anstead net worth is estimated to be close to $6 million dollars.

Most of Ant Anstead’s net worth and the money he has earned comes from being a TV host. Ant Anstead’s salary and income per year can vary depending on multiple undertakings as an businessman and entertainer.

It is hard to predict or gauge his spending habits every month as this information is private and not publicly available.

We are only updated with buying information for big transactions like; house, property, real estate, cars, jewelry, and lavish spending. This information will be listed in this article if necessary! Check for updates.

Ant Anstead’s Salary

Net Worth in 2019$6,000,000 (Approximately)
Earnings in 2019Under Review (Will Update)
Income SourceEnglish Television Presenter
House WorthUnder Review (Will Update)
InvestmentsUnder Review (Will Update)

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