Byron Allen Net Worth In 2019

Byron Allen Net Worth: Find below the most recent update on Byron Allen’s Net Worth. We did our best to find factual information (if available) about Byron Allen’s salary (per: month/year), earnings, expenses, finances, income report, property holdings and how rich in 2019.

Also read about Byron Allen’s, biography, facts, wiki, who is Byron Allen and personal information (if available) like; real name, age, height, partner, family and relationships in 2019.

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Byron Allen is a 58-year-old American businessman from Detroit, MI. The 5′ 7″ (1.75 m) tall was born on April 22, 1961.

Early Life: Allen started showing up at comedy clubs since age 14, he continued with his stand-up routine all through Los Angeles night clubs.

His enthusiasm for the show business sparked when he would go with his mom to NBC studios who worked as a publicist in Burbank.

Career: Allen joined his comedy group at age 14 which included youthful entertainers like Jay Leno and David Letterman, he was invited by comic Jimmie Walker who saw Allen’s high-quality standup act.

Allen began with his earliest job as a regular presenter on the NBC series Real People, he later made his TV debut on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson at age 18.

In 1992, his show “Kickin’ It with Byron Allen” made it to the rundown of the longest-running TV series in the United States. In 1993 he established Entertainment Studios in Los Angeles and started his first series “Entertainers with Byron Allen”.

Later, Allen proceded with the launch of 8 24-hour HD television networks in 2019, his top channels among the many were; Cars.TV, Comedy.TV, Comics Unleashed, Beautiful Homes & Great Estates, Pets.TV, Recipe.TV, etc.

In September 2012, two of his primetime sitcoms “The First Family” and “Mr. Box Office” additionally made its first invasion into scripted programming.

In 2016, Allen focused on providing convincing entertainment to African-Americans, his Entertainment Studios purchased ‘TheGrio’, a video-driven news and lifestyle content provider. In 2017, one of his produced game show ‘Funny You Should Ask‘ was also added.

In March 2018, for around $300 million, Allen procured the TV resources of The Weather Channel, and in 2019, he is set to launch THE WEATHER CHANNEL ESPANOL which is scheduled for 2020.

Also, The Walt Disney Company had to sell Fox Sports Networks to Sinclair Broadcast Group which Allen partnered to acquire it and he will soon also launch LOCAL NOW, controlled by THE WEATHER CHANNEL as well.

Accomplishments: 1. Selected for the Bloomberg 50 as a global business leader (2018), 2. selected for the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs at the Goldman Sachs Builders & Innovators Summit 2018, 3. recipient of NATPE’s 16th Annual Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Awards (2019), 4. honored with the 2019 Whitney M. Young Jr. Award.

Personal Life: Allen is a proud father of three children with wife Jennifer Lucas who he married in 2007. He has two girls Chloe Ava Allen (b. 2008) and Olivia Rose Allen (b. 2010), and a son Lucas Byron Allen, (b. 2012).

Real Name:Byron Allen Folks
Date of Birth:22nd April 1961
Age, How Old:58 Years Old
Nationality:Detroit, MI
Place of Birth:Detroit, MI
How Tall, Height:5′ 7″ (1.75 m)
Zodiac Sign:Taurus
Profession(s):Businessperson, Television producer
Partner:Jennifer Lucas (m. 2007–trending)
Years Active:Present Since — 1979


31st Oct 2019: Byron Allen hits big and wants more, today Entertainment Studios Inc has completed more than 25 years in the entertainment business. Allen alleges that the Comcast & Charter Communications broadened racial discrimination for Blacks and are in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1866. In November, the $20 billion dollar case has been agreed for hearing by the Supreme Court and if Allen wins it would be a big-time win for Black companies and Black media.

Why did Byron Allen buy theGrio? This what he had to say… “I felt it was important to buy theGrio, you know, to own our position in the marketplace and to really control our narrative. So, you know, it’s very important to me because when my children were born, I had a white guy say to me, it’s important that you have Black ownership.“

Byron Allen reveals story behind Comcast lawsuit and Black wealth success tips

Byron Allen Net Worth

So how much is Byron Allen net worth and how rich is he today. We accumulate maximum information (if available) from trusted sources to provide you with true data about salary, income, money, assets & liabilities of a celebrity.

Today, Byron Allen Net Worth Is Estimated To Be Close To $450 Million Dollars.

Most of Byron Allen’s net worth and the money he has earned comes from being a businessman. Byron Allen’s salary and income per year can vary depending on multiple undertakings within the entertainment business.

It is hard to predict or gauge his spending habits every month as this information is private and not publicly available.

We are only updated with buying information for big transactions like; house, property, real estate, cars, jewelry, and lavish spending. This information will be listed in this article if necessary! Check for updates.

Byron Allen Salary

Net Worth in 2019$450,000,000 (Approximately)
Earnings in 2019Under Review (Will Update)
Income SourceAmerican Businessman
House WorthUnder Review (Will Update)
InvestmentsEntertainment Studios Inc,
The Weather Channel

Celebrities have other sources of income that can make them a lot of money as well, a good number for their net worth comes from investing elsewhere.

Celebrities make money by teaching their skills, selling products on the television, selling royalties, opening businesses like restaurants and fashion labels, brand endorsement campaigns, flipping real estate, attending concerts and events for some real money.

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How Net Worth Is Calculated?

Many of them don’t know how exactly celebrity net worth is calculated, the monetary terms of determining an individual’s net worth are by subtracting the liabilities from the assets. Net worth is the amount of accumulated money which is already debt-free.

How To determine an Individual’s net worth? The net worth is calculated by determining how much money is invested “in the bank”, or assets right now, this does not include an upcoming paycheck.

The net worth can be classified into liquid or non-liquid assets. Liquid assets can be can simply mean the money in savings account which is quickly accessible for use. Non-liquid assets include; home, jewelry, collectibles, artwork, business or service which has a monetary value after a trade.

Unlike assets, celebrities has liabilities as well, which can be a negative impact on their worth. Liabilities and debt are not a part of net worth, and this is the reason why you could see a decline in a celebrity’s net worth.

If you see a big fall in any celebrity’s net worth, it can be due to many factors including; lawful charges, divorce settlement, child care, mortgages, outstanding bills, back taxes and overheads.

Income, salary, net income or net salary is not the same as net worth. Net earnings is actually the income in hand after deductions and taxes, like Social Security and 401(k) contributions.

Byron Allen Trend

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