Joe Francis Net Worth In 2019

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Joe Francis Net Worth
Joe Francis Net Worth | Denise Truscello / Contributor


Joe Francis is a 46-year-old American film producer from Atlanta, Georgia. The ‎6′ 2″ (1.88 m) tall was born on April 1, 1973.

Joe’s parents Raymond and Maria Francis moved to Newport Beach, California when he was 7 years old, he then experienced his education at the Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic Elementary School.

Later, while living nearby Laguna Beach he attended the Laguna Beach High School and took up various jobs including working at a PC and Video store as well. He then went on to pursue Entrepreneurial Studies.

After attending the University of Southern California and the Lloyd Greif Center he took a few courses in film and television, and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the USC Entrepreneurial Program in 1995.

Business Undertakings: Joe’s first job was for an event news program “Real TV’ as a production assistant and later thought off for introducing his own video footage brand ‘Banned from Television.’

In 1998, his first ‘Banned from Television‘ video was discharged which included violent events and used to showcase through infomercials. Later he found his videos too upsetting to be violent and stopped it.

He then started his next business venture called ‘Girls Gone Wild‘, inspired over footage of females undergrads blazing their breasts in an event.

In 1997, Joe started selling his productions to infomercials through the ‘Girls Gone Wild’ franchise, it made him more than $20 million in its first two years of beginning, the videos uncovered college-girls acting wildly on camera.

Joe became romantically involved with his sweetheart Abbey Wilson, the girl who won Girls Gone Wild’s “Search for the Hottest Girl in America” contest in 2012. She becomes pregnant with Joe’s twins and on October 7, 2014, she gave birth to two girls.

Legal Issues: In 2003, Francis was arrested for racketeering, he was pleaded guilty of record-keeping violations, he was fined $1.6 million, later he was pleaded guilty for having contraband, he served 339 days in cell and was fined for over $60,000 in fees.

In April 2007, Joe was indicted for two counts of tax evasion by the jury, he has claimed over $20 million in false deductions in 2002 and 2003. In July 2008, he was pleaded not guilty for tax evasion by the United States District Court.

In June 2007, the former sex columnist of New York Post ‘Ashley Alexandra Dupré’ filed a lawsuit against Joe for filming her without permission, and followingly four minor girls sued ‘Girls Gone Wild’ production for purportedly filming them.

Later, Francis was conceded to misdemeanor counts for filing a false return and bribery in Sep 2009, and on Nov 2009, U.S. District accepted Francis’s request incorporating $250,000 in compensation to the IRS.

In February 2013, the Girls Gone Wild’s parent company GGW Brands filled for bankruptcy for financial protection against Wynn Resorts who was seeking to seize the assets of the company for Francis’s gambling debts.

Francis neglected to follow terms of his bankruptcy, The U.S. District Court judge issued a warrant for Francis in May 2015, the similar time he was supposedly living in Mexico with his better half and twin daughters.

Real Name:Joseph R. Francis
Date of Birth:1 April 1973
Age, How Old:46 Years Old
Place of Birth:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
How Tall, Height:6′ 2″ (1.88 m)
Zodiac Sign:Aries
Profession(s):Entrepreneur, Film Producer,
Television producer
Years Active:Present Since — 1998.

Joe Francis Net Worth

So how much is Joe Francis net worth and how rich is he today. We accumulate maximum information (if available) from trusted sources to provide you with true data about salary, income, money, assets & liabilities of a celebrity.

Today, Joe Francis Net Worth Is Estimated To Be Close To $50.5 Million Dollars.

Most of Joe Francis’s net worth and the money he has earned comes from being a film producer. Joe Francis’s salary and income per year can vary depending on multiple undertakings as a businessman.

It is hard to predict or gauge his spending habits every month as this information is private and not publicly available.

We are only updated with buying information for big transactions like; house, property, real estate, cars, jewelry, and lavish spending. This information will be listed in this article if necessary! Check for updates.

Net Worth in 2019$50,500,000 (Approximately)
Earnings in 2019Under Review (Will Update)
Income SourceAmerican Film Producer
House WorthUnder Review (Will Update)
InvestmentsUnder Review (Will Update)

Joe Francis Salary

How Much Salary Do Film Producers Get Paid?

Film producers are paid according to a flat rate, salary, percentage, or a value investor of a production company that is itself a partner in the film’s production. Whatever portion of the benefit that a producer would normally receive as an equity shareholder can be structured in different ways.

The average yearly pay of a producer in TV and films can be close to $65,000, in the commonplace for every motion picture a typical  Hollywood filmmaker can acquire close to $700,000 to $1 million dollars.

Be that as it may, beginner filmmakers may make just close to $200,000 to 350,000 and top film industry hitmakers can bank several million dollars. The highest-paid film directors in Hollywood between 2011 to 2012 were acquired close to $12 million and $250 million dollars per year.

Celebrities have other sources of income that can make them a lot of money as well, a good number for their net worth comes from investing elsewhere.

Celebrities make money by teaching their skills, selling products on the television, selling royalties, opening businesses like restaurants and fashion labels, brand endorsement campaigns, flipping real estate, attending concerts and events for some real money.

Joe Francis Trend


24th Oct 2019: Joe Francis and 20 other people at his neighbor’s house in Punta Mita were threatening to take hostages on October 16. The robbers who obtained cash tied Francis and other working staff at the house and fled the area.

The villa of Joe Francis is on this amazing beach at the Punta Mita Resort

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How Net Worth Is Calculated?

Many of them don’t know how exactly celebrity net worth is calculated, the monetary terms of determining an individual’s net worth are by subtracting the liabilities from the assets. Net worth is the amount of accumulated money which is already debt-free.

How To determine an Individual’s net worth? The net worth is calculated by determining how much money is invested “in the bank”, or assets right now, this does not include an upcoming paycheck.

The net worth can be classified into liquid or non-liquid assets. Liquid assets can be can simply mean the money in savings account which is quickly accessible for use. Non-liquid assets include; home, jewelry, collectibles, artwork, business or service which has a monetary value after a trade.

Unlike assets, celebrities has liabilities as well, which can be a negative impact on their worth. Liabilities and debt are not a part of net worth, and this is the reason why you could see a decline in a celebrity’s net worth. If you see a big fall in any celebrity’s net worth, it can be due to many factors including; lawful charges, divorce settlement, child care, mortgages, outstanding bills, back taxes and overheads.

Income, salary, net income or net salary is not the same as net worth. Net earnings is actually the income in hand after deductions and taxes, like Social Security and 401(k) contributions.

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