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Michael Buffer is a 74-year-old American ring announcer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The 6ft (1.83 m) tall was born on 2nd November 1944.

Early life: Buffer’s father was an enrolled man in the United States Navy and got married to his mother during World War II. At the age of 11 Buffer has seen his parents separating and was forced to live with foster parents.

After living with his foster parents in Roslyn, Pennsylvania, he planned to enroll himself in the United States Army during the Vietnam War. He joined the army at the age of 20 and served until he was 23.

Moving forward, he including different occupations to pursue, he was a car salesman at some point and even tried modeling at the age of 32. Finally, he settled as a ring announcer at age of 38, beginning his career in 1982.

Career: Buffer got his national personality while reporting all fights of boxing matches in 1983. He gained popularity on his catchphrase “Let’s get ready to rumble” in 1984 which obtaining a federal trademark as well.

His announcing catchphrase has earned him overabundance of $400 million with the permit for his trademark, he acquired the trademark in 1992.

By the late 1980s, Buffer’s popularity brought him exclusive gigs as a ring announcer and was hired by many agencies for announcements including Donald Trump’s own casinos as well.

Until 2001, Buffer was the official head ring announcer for the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) to top headliners. When Time Warner broke affiliation with WCW, Buffer was able to announce wrestling matches outside WCW as well.

After more than half the decades run, he returned as a pro-wrestling ring announcer at the Madison Square Garden for the boxing battle of Evander Holyfield and Matt Hardy on Saturday Night’s Main Event XXXV.

Apart from WCW, Buffer has announced for many mainstream events including; MLB World Series, Stanley Cup Finals, NBA Finals, Volunteer 500, Bristol Motor Speedway, and NFL gameplays.

He as guest announced for 1999 Indianapolis 500, 2008’s the Affliction: Banned mixed martial arts show, the 2017’s United States Grand Prix and 2008’s World Series of Poker final table with trademark statement: “Let’s get ready to shuffle up and deal.”

Buffer’s appearances include on various talk shows like Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, In Living Color, and The Howard Stern Show.
He has started the finale of the seventh season of American Idol in 2008.

Buffer has been animated in various animated series like the popular american sitcom The Simpsons, he was a announcer for the cooking competition between Gordon Ramsay and the Swedish Chef as well.

Buffer has played roles in big-screen movies such as Ready to Rumble and Rocky Balboa, he was the main villain in the popular comedy ‘You Don’t Mess with the Zohan‘ which released in 2008.

Additionally, on Aug 25th, 2018, he had announced for YouTube Boxing match and the same year signed with London-based sports streaming service as a ring announcer which includes deals with sports event promoters like Matchroom.

Personal life: In 1989, Buffer meet his real father who contacted him after he gained popularity, Buffer gained half-brothers from father’s another relationship.

He introduced one of his half-brother ‘Bruce Buffer’ into announcing in the mid-1990s. Bruce is now a top announcer for leading mixed martial arts promotion company, Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Buffer’s first marriage ended with divorce following seven years of relationship, he has two children from his first marriage and had tied the knot when he was 21.

His second marriage ended with his subsequent partner in 2003, and in 2007 he proposed to ‘Christine’ on The Tonight Show who is now his wife.

Buffer has been diagnosed for throat cancer and was treated in 2008.

Real Name:Michael Buffer
Date of Birth:2 November 1944
Age, How Old:74 Years Old
Place of Birth:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
How Tall, Height:6ft (1.83 m)
Zodiac Sign:Scorpio
Profession(s):Ring Announcer, Actor, Model
Partner:Amanda Levy McKeehan (m. 1994),
Alina Buffer (m. 1999–2003),
Christine Buffer (Trending)
Years Active:Present Since — 1982


14th Oct 2019: On Monday, before Game 3 between the Washington Nationals and St. Louis Cardinals, Michael Buffer got the stadium at Nationals Park all buzzing with force when he gave his trademark phrase “Let’s get ready to rumble!” for the National League Championship Series.

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Michael Buffer Net Worth

So how much is Michael Buffer net worth and how rich is he today. We accumulate maximum information (if available) from trusted sources to provide you with true data about salary, income, money, assets & liabilities of a celebrity.

Today, Michael Buffer Net Worth Is Estimated To Be Close To $390 Million Dollars.

Most of Michael Buffer’s net worth and the money he has earned comes from being a professional ring announcer. Michael Buffer’s salary and income per year can vary depending on multiple undertakings as an entertainer.

It is hard to predict or gauge his spending habits every month as this information is private and not publicly available.

We are only updated with buying information for big transactions like; house, property, real estate, cars, jewelry, and lavish spending. This information will be listed in this article if necessary! Check for updates.

Net Worth in 2019$390,000,000 (Approximately)
Earnings in 2019$5 to $10 Million
Income SourceAmerican Ring Announcer
House WorthUnder Review (Will Update Shortly)
InvestmentsUnder Review (Will Update Shortly)

Michael Buffer Salary

How Much Salary Do Sport Announcers Get Paid?

Sports announcers can make the game twice the interesting than it is, listeners and viewers rely on announcers for specific information of the game, it making the event more engaging and entertaining.

Sports announcer salaries could be surprising to you. The highest-paid salary that a sports announcer make is close to $5 million per year, this is much accurate where the ‘Bureau of Labor Statistics’ says it averages close to $41,800.

A UFC Ring Announcers get paid around $5 Million for high profile fights and for a Normal PPV Fight game they get close to $40,000. As for PPV Bonus, they are paid around $10,000 and gain additional fees in other categories as well.

As for Boxing Ring Announcers, the salaries are much close to UFC’s and for WWE Ring Announcers the salaries are close to $15,000 for pay per view event and $550,000 in Annual Earnings for top announcers.

Celebrities have other sources of income that can make them a lot of money as well, a good number for their net worth comes from investing elsewhere.

Celebrities make money by teaching their skills, selling products, selling royalties, opening businesses like restaurants and fashion labels, brand endorsement campaigns, flipping real estate, attending concerts and events for some real money

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How Net Worth Is Calculated?

Many of them don’t know how exactly celebrity net worth is calculated, the monetary terms of determining an individual’s net worth are by subtracting the liabilities from the assets. Net worth is the amount of accumulated money which is already debt-free.

How To determine an Individual’s net worth? The net worth is calculated by determining how much money is invested “in the bank”, or assets right now, this does not include an upcoming paycheck.

The net worth can be classified into liquid or non-liquid assets. Liquid assets can be can simply mean the money in a savings account which is quickly accessible for use. Non-liquid assets include; home, jewelry, collectibles, artwork, business or service which has a monetary value after a trade.

Unlike assets, celebrities have liabilities as well, which can be a negative impact on their worth. Liabilities and debt are not a part of net worth, and this is the reason why you could see a decline in a celebrity’s net worth. If you see a big fall in any celebrity’s net worth, it can be due to many factors including; lawful charges, divorce settlement, childcare, mortgages, outstanding bills, back taxes, and overheads.

Income, salary, net income or net salary is not the same as net worth. Net earnings is actually the income in hand after deductions and taxes, like Social Security and 401(k) contributions.

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